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Platform: android


Version: 1.0

SHA1 Hash: 68cda183e1d4f7a23d567c30b329f78c2edc838c

Size: 1 MB

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Date: Aug. 13, 2019, 10:12 a.m.

Vulnerability risk dashboard
Code coverage (% methods)

271/11240 methods

Risk Title Short description
Low Insecure Network Configuration Settings The application does not specify a network security configuration or sets insecure settings
Potentially Use non-random initialization vector (IV) The client uses a non random hardcoded initialization vector.
Potentially Backup mode enabled Application is enabling backup mode
Potentially Cryptographic Vulnerability: Hardcoded key The client supports combinations of cipher suites that suffer from known cryptographic weaknesses.
Potentially Cryptographic Vulnerability: Insecure Algorithm The client supports combinations of cipher suites that suffer from known cryptographic weaknesses.
Important Exported activites, services and broadcast receivers list List of all exported components (activities, services, broadcast receivers, content providers)
Info Application checks rooted device Presence of strings and methods indicating potential check for rooted device
Info Call to dangerous WebView settings API List of WebView API calls
Info Call to External Storage API List of external storage API calls
Info Call to Inter-Process-Communication (IPC) API List of Interp-Process Communication (IPC) calls
Info APK attack surface List of components potentially accepting user input
Info Call to logging API List of logging API calls
Info Application components list List application's components
Info Application certificate information Application signing certificate details
Info Call to Reflection API List of reflection API calls
Info Call to Crypto API List of crypto API calls
Info Call to XML parsing API List of XML parsing API calls
Info APK files list List of all files shipped in the application.
Info Android Manifest APK Manifest in XML
Info Obfuscated methods List of code obfuscation status of all application\s componenets