Potentially Cryptographic Vulnerability: Insecure Algorithm


The mode of operation used to encrypt the data is vulnerable. If AES is used without specifying the mode, the default mode is the insecure ECB mode.


We recommend AES for general-purpose use. If you're willing to go against the grain and are paranoid, you can use Serpent, which isn't quite as fast as AES but is believed to have a much higher security margin.

If you really feel that you need the fastest possible secure solution, consider the SNOW 2.0 stream cipher, which currently looks very good. It appears to have a much better security margin than the popular favorite, RC4, and is even faster. However, it is fairly new. If you're highly risk-adverse, we recommend AES or Serpent. Although popular, RC4 would never be the best available choice.

Technical details
[TAINT] String 'AES' ==>>> Sink '['Ljavax/crypto/KeyGenerator;', 'getInstance', '(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljavax/crypto/KeyGenerator;', '0', 'CRYPTO_SINK']' [[('LiC;', 'c', '()LiC$c;'), ('Ljavax/crypto/KeyGenerator;', 'getInstance', '(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljavax/crypto/KeyGenerator;')]]

The insecure algorithm AES is used.

Method iC.c():

    public static iC$c c()
        javax.crypto.SecretKey v0_1 = javax.crypto.KeyGenerator.getInstance("AES");
        return new iC$c(v0_1.generateKey(), new javax.crypto.spec.SecretKeySpec(iC.a(32), "HmacSHA256"));

Method javax.crypto.KeyGenerator.getInstance() not found.